About Us

At Whelan Consulting Group, we help financial advisors get their message in front of targeted prospects, quickly, efficiently, and consistently to grow their client base and build a massive referral network. We help clients position themselves as leading experts and influencers in their industry niche and geographic area. We use our background and knowledge in financial services, tools including LinkedIn, and our proven marketing strategies to achieve this.

What We Do

Our passion for the financial services is in the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives — helping individuals achieve their lifestyle goals and helping financial advisors build a thriving business. We’ve found that marketing and lead generation is not ‘one-size fits all’ for Financial Advisors. It’s typically not very effective and delivers poor results. “I came across David via linked in. When we first started communicating, having someone do this type of work for me was a priority that I wanted to implement in my business… I just didn’t know how. We had a few phone calls and discussed what he would like to do for me and what I was looking for in him. We are still in the early stages, but his work is definitely meeting my expectations. He has a lot of excellent idea’s and recommendations to bring to my practice. Best of all is he is able to do prospecting of my ideal clients so I can spend my time on other activities.”
— Murray Tucker
— Freedom 55